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Know when to call your lawyer. Don’t let a potential legal problem become YOUR legal problem. By consulting a Texas lawyer at this moment you may be able to head off a search warrant, criminal indictment or a civil lawsuit.



Your Predicament

You have discovered that you have been or are about to be sued. It is a civil suit. A hearing has been sent on a temporary injunction in a week. Or, you have been advised by a prosecutor you are a target for an upcoming indictment. Or your office is being subjected to a search warrant, and hard drives and records are being taken away. What do you do? Who do you call? What might it cost? I am in a position to answer these questions for you, develop work product, witness interviews, and strategy in the preliminary stages that will be of value to dispose of the matter without trial or if a trial is needed.

Protect Your Reputation – Call an Experienced Houston Trial Attorney Today

I am immediately available. I return calls and answer emails. I meet with clients on weekends and evenings as well as during the day. I will evaluate your situation, tell you the actual circumstances of the matter, and suggest alternatives, depending on the resources available. I will arrange to get things done immediately that need to be done. If a trial is necessary, I will suggest counsel with sufficient resources, firm size, available time, appropriate specialty expertise, proven results and realistic costs, for referral, or with whom I would work as co-counsel.

What You Can Expect

I can provide my services drawing on the judgment, contacts in the profession, and experiences that 45 years in the legal profession in Houston have provided. To do my job requires getting facts quickly (initially from the client) and accurately assessing them, and making recommendations of courses of action.

An accurate and quick assessment of key facts and knowledge of the probable laws that will come into play is critical to a resolution that leaves my client in a better position to make decisions.

All meetings are confidential and subject to the attorney client privilege, even if an attorney client relationship has not been formed by agreement between lawyer and client. Visiting this website and calling my office do not create an attorney client relationship.

To discuss your criminal defense or civil case with an experienced Houston trial lawyer, call (713) 869-0557 for an initial, no obligation summary consultation. If representation is requested, the scope of representation and fee are provided in a written fee agreement. Houston Law Office